British holiday goers are in limbo as an expanding number of countries are hit by the coronavirus, prompting flight and vacation write offs.

All movement to Italy is now totally restricted, and new cases have been accounted for in Turkey and Spain, we will clarify what countries where there has been no reports of the coronavirus.


Where in Europe has coronavirus not been accounted for?

Most countries in Europe have reported instances of the coronavirus, despite that fact islands Madeira and the Azores have kept away from it up until this point.

Islands in Greece, for example, Santorini and Mykonos have maintained from the infection also.

In any case, many cruise ships have dropped their excursions, which could influence the Greek islands, with Norwegian Chief Executive Frank Del Rio telling the Wall Street Journal: “If places like Santorini, Mykonos, any of Greek t islands or Athens are hit, it will be a total nightmare..

“The market for the Mediterranean will essentially crumple.”

Italy, Spain and Germany have the most recorded cases of coronavirus in Europe, with Italy’s numbers surpassing 10,000.

What other countries on this planet has the coronavirus not been found in?

Vacations further away like to Cape Verde can proceed and as it stands Bali stays liberated from the infection, albeit various cases have been accounted for in mainland Indonesia.

The Caribbean has figured out how to maintain a strategic distance from the infection as well, with Bermuda and Cuba not detailing any cases up until this point.

Tourism is dying and countries struggling even if the coronovirus outbreak is only low.

Other potential holiday destinations that have cases are battling as well – Indonesia is anticipating spending more than £500,000, on a travel industry drive because of a drop in numbers, while the minister of New Zealand said the nation faces “serious impact” from this outbreak.

Italy has seen 90 percent of holidays dropped as the entire nation goes into lockdown, while hotel bookings in Thailand are down 10 percent.

All movement to Italy is exhorted against with flights dropped after in excess of 10,000 instances of coronavirus have been accounted for.