YOU can sleep in this medieval castle for just £16 per individual, every night.

The manor is even large enough to bring 15 of your companions as well.

Llaés Castle, built in the tenth century, is found in the region of Girona in Spain, which is under two hours from Barcelona.

With eight rooms, there is space for up to 16 visitors to stay comfortably.


The castle is encompassed by mountains with continuous views of beautiful nature – and the remote location will make anybody feel like a Disney princess.

A walled garden inside is ideal for late night suppers, alongside a water well in the atrium.

Each room has been left styled as it would have been originally.

There is even a chapel inside – which means you could have a wedding service in the mansion also.

The rooms include legitimate medieval beds in stone-walled structures, so you can order any dreams of being secured a pinnacle yourself.


Bringing a great deal of baggage? You can utilize the pulley framework to take it to your rooms starting from the earliest stage.

The manor was reconstructed by proprietor Marc Guinjoan, who told El Mundo that voyagers from Singapore to Australia have remained in the mansion.

Costs start from £253 every night for up to 16 individuals, costing just £16pppn