Lonely Planet have uncovered the best 500 things to do across the UK with Edinburgh Fringe Festival taking the top spot.

Different encounters suggested by Lonely Planet encorporate Stonehenge, the British Museum and even an exemplary Sunday cook supper.


On the rundown was a mix of social encounters, for example, the Tate Modern, alongside nature’s best, for example, Pembrokeshire and Lake Windermere.

A total of 500 things to do in the UK are named in the book, Lonely Planet’s Ultimate UK Travelist.

Occasions, for example, the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury are additionally on the rundown for social encounters consistently.

Lonely Planet’s VP of Experience, Tom Hall, stated: “Lonely Planet’s Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist unites the UK’s most convincing sights and encounters, going from world-class historical centers and cathedral houses of prayer to street celebrations, inky lochs and tiny bars.”

The best shows on earth at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Occurring over August, Edinburgh Fringe was voted via ballot the main experience on the UK travel to do list.

Set up in 1947, it has highlighted countless exhibitions and has been the stage for some notorious entertainers and on-screen characters including Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Al Murray.

The guide clarified: “No place beats it for display or scale … there is theater, satire, move, bazaar, food, show, music and spoken word, and whatever the season of day, a gymnastic performer, trapeze craftsman, and bagpiping busker will be satisfied to engage you.”

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