The end is near for false reviews because of a ground breaking ruling in a court in a court in Lecce in the southern area of Puglia, Italy.

The first law which brought about a prison sentence for a tenacious survey fraudster was lauded by audit site TripAdvisor.

The anonymous proprietor of Promo Salento, who sold positive phony survey bundles to hotel organizations in Italy charging €100 for 10 audits, €170 for 20 and €240 for 30, was condemned to nine months in jail and requested to pay around 8,000 EUR in expenses and damges.

The Criminal Court of Lecce decided that composition counterfeit audits utilizing a false character is criminal lead under Italian criminal law.

TripAdvisor bolstered the indictment of PromoSalento as a common petitioner by sharing proof from its in-house misrepresentation investigation. Brad Young, VP at TripAdvisor stated:

We consider this to be a milestone for the Internet. Composing counterfeit reviews is extortion, however this is the first occasion we’ve seen somebody sent to prison thus.

We put a lot in misrepresentation avoidance and we’re successful at handling it – since 2015, we’ve put a stop to the movement of more than 60 distinctive paid audit organizations around the world.

Be that as it may, we can only do so much alone, which is why we’re anxious to team up with controllers and law implementation experts to help their arraignments.


TripAdvisor is asking anybody offered counterfeit surveys to impart the data to them at

Pascal Lamy, administrator of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, stated:

Online surveys assume a noteworthy role in the travel industry and buyer choices, yet it’s critical everybody plays by the rules.

Counterfeit audits unmistakably contradict the World Committee on Tourism Ethics rules, which we distributed a year ago to direct the mindful use of evaluations and surveys on advanced stages.

The suggestions were produced in a joint effort with TripAdvisor, Minube and Yelp and we realize that industry cooperation has a critical task to carry out in handling survey misrepresentation.