EASYJET travelers were extremely fortunate to see the Northern Lights during a flight from Iceland to the UK.

Photographer Ross Martin figured out how to catch the light show during the flight, which can be difficult to foresee the exact spot where you will see it.

The 38-year-old said the entire plane was “in awe” of the dazzling lights which “moved around the plane” during his flight home last Thursday.

The pilot even looped around the lights with the goal that each and every passenger on the plane could get a look at the beautiful aurora in the wake of taking off from the capital of Reykjavik.

Ross, who had been on a five-day trip to Iceland with five companions, had already observed the lights during the trip yet said it was the “ideal end to the vacasion”.

He stated: “The five of us flew there searching for the Northern Lights and to see the sights around the country.

“On the flight home, when we got over the clouds we just observed these lights dancing around the plane. I could barely handle it.

“After a couple of minutes, everybody began to realise as we were getting our cameras out.


“I even inquired as to whether the air stewards could turn the lights on dim so we could see it all the more clearly which they did.

“Around five or ten minutes the pilot announced we would do a circle with the goal that everybody could see it from both the left and right windows.”

For a lot of the travelers on the plane, it was the first occasion when they had seen the Northern Lights.

Ross, who fills in as a wedding photographer from Sunderland, stated:

“We were lucky because we had already seen the lights on the way to our hotel and managed to get some really good shots.

“Quite a few people hadn’t managed to see them so it was their first time seeing it. Everyone was in awe and just really excited.

“It was my first time in Iceland. I live in the north east and you can see the lights but it’s very dim so me and a few friends just decided to fly to Iceland to see them!

“It’s a beautiful country and an amazing trip. It was the perfect way to end the holiday.”

An aurora, frequently called the Northern Lights, is a characteristic light showcase in the Earth’s sky, transcendently found in the high-latitude areas with minimal light contamination, for example, Iceland or Norway.