Frequent flyers regularly take to web-based social media platforms to share their tips and hacks in regards to travel, and many asked why airline stewards demand keeping the window blinds up during take-off and also for landing.

Numerous voyagers share their considerations on the social Q & A site Quora and industry specialists regularly return to answer their questions.

A Quora client asked something that numerous flyers regularly wonder.

The inquiry read: “For what reason do planes open window blinds when landing and taking off?”


Commercial helicopter pilot Marshall Smith replied: “Most aircraft windows don’t open but If you are referring to why they open the window blinds/shades when landing then that has to do with safety.

“The purpose is to allow your eyes to adjust to the outdoor light levels.

Charles Swenson, however, added there is another reason behind this rule: “I might add that in the event of a crash the interior lights may go out.

“So opening the shades also provides light to the interior of the aircraft in the event of a crash landing.”

Traveller Samith Chathuranga said: “I asked this from a flight attendant and she told me that we are opening the blinds just in case any emergency happens.

“So passengers can immediately inform us.

“It may be a cross flight about to crash or wings getting fire, just like that.”

Jah Man agreed: “In case of a crash landing, the cabin crew can see if there are any flames and where they are.

“So they can choose the best emergency exits to safely egress the passengers.”

Pilot Matt Buchan clarified having the lamp on used for reading can likewise be risky if there shouldbe any isues.

He said: “Funny, when I see people turn their reading light on for landing, I always wonder if they realise they’re potential reducing their odds of survival in the event of something serious…”

User Net King added: “Similarly, the curtains separating classes are opened at takeoff and landing.

“That is so staff can see better what is happening if there is an emergency.”

Check out the below video for tips on how to survive a plane crash!